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Drive My Car: poetic-cinema in its most refined state

The mystery of identity and transient moments of deep connection are suddenly disfigured by time in Ryusuke Hamaguchi's Drive My Car
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Will Smith delivers quite the serve in Venus & Serena biopic King Richard

Serena and Venus Williams were destined for a biographical film following their universal success as sportswomen. Initially, the film’s title seemed questionable to me. Why on earth should a film about these two incredibly fascinating women find itself named after their father?
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Mothering Sunday: yet another unnecessary adaptation of a highly acclaimed novel

Based on the acclaimed novel by Graham Swift, Mothering Sunday takes place largely over the course of one warm, sunny day; specifically, Mother’s Day in March of 1924
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Seven Samurai still soars 70 years on at BFI's '100 Years of Japanese Cinema' Festival

Currently showing at Bristol’s Watershed as part of the BFI’s ‘Japan 2021: 100 Years of Japanese Cinema’, Seven Samurai is a film that can only be described through hyperbole; an epic story with huge scope
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Big Mouth continues to discuss taboo topics in hilarious fashion

The animated series which dissects all things puberty related, has just dropped its fifth season to Netflix. The series has always benefited from an incredibly high production value and a star-studded cast; this season, Keke Palmer joins the cast as the “Hate Worm” Rochelle
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The Card Counter: nightmarish gambling thriller goes all-in on style over substance

After a year of career-defining performances from Oscar Isaac, this outing is certainly no exception. Yet, despite being spearheaded by cinema heavyweight Martin Scorsese it’s hard to understand how this film manages to go so awry
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