Review: Pale Waves @ Rough Trade

Gracing us with songs from their new album Unwanted - an exploration into trauma, jealousy, and anger - the setting of misty rain after a period of formidable heat was apt for the catharsis of breaking down these internal emotions towards an outward display of beauty and vulnerability.
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Review: Fulu Miziki Kolektiv @ Strange Brew

The pulsating rhythms of the Fulu Miziki Kolektiv shook the stage at Strange Brew last week, bringing the sustainably sourced rhythms of the Democratic Republic of Congo to central Bristol.
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Bristol Light Festival : Luminarium @ College Green, Bristol : “A spellbinding spectacle of light for all ages”

On the 12th of July, the mercury was hovering around high 36 centigrades. The once verdant Bristol College Green was reduced to a patch of pale yellow scorched earth.
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Summer of Love in Film

Summer. A time spent basking in cascades of sunlight without a care in the world. As you attempt to cling to this summer bliss we give you some intense cinematic summer romances that epitomise what it means to fall in love in this season.
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They/Them offers a refreshing insight into a neglected perspective of the horror genre

The anticipated Peacock original They/Them was released on the streaming service on August 5th, following a group of LGBTQ+ youth and their harrowing experience at Whistler’s Conversion Camp.
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In a world where reality can often seem a nightmare, The Sandman is a dream come true

Netflix has just released an TV adaptation of the graphic novel collection The Sandman, which is imbued with all the metaphorical imagery and fantastical nuances that Gaiman’s writing so often possesses.
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Bullet Train's weak homage to Japanese culture is frustrating, but the film remains an entertaining watch nonetheless

Against the backdrop of modern-day Japan and directed by David Leitch, ridiculous and riotous violence ensues in Bullet Train (2022). Two hours of action set solely upon a narrow, high-speed vehicle, Bullet Train paves the way for a claustrophobic collision of jam-packed excitement.
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