Meet the Bristol graduate on a mission to help fleeing Ukrainians

Opora is an online platform and charity that provides centralised information channels for Ukrainian refugees in the UK. It also delivers a safe and structured ‘matchmaking’ service for those searching for accommodation sponsors.
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Men once again prove to be disappointing, as Alex Garland's Men (2022) fails to impress

Alex Garland is back from hiatus, bringing back a film which criticises the patriarchy and its toxic masculinity. However, is this film overly ambitious? Read on to find out
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Review: Falstaff Society’s ‘Lit Live’ returns to The Alma Theatre

The English society’s sell-out theatre festival was made up of five short plays and offered a thoroughly immersive and impactful experience for viewers.
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Review: Hard Shoulder @ The Room Above ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Averdieck plans on taking the play to the Fringe this summer, telling Epigram that the script and character are still undergoing development.
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Jurassic World: Dominion is a perfectly watchable rehash of a franchise that now feels prehistoric

After the disappointment of 2015’s reboot; Jurassic World, and subsequent sequel Fallen Kingdom (2018), I was apprehensive about this year’s new film. To my surprise and the surprise of everyone I know, I didn’t hate it
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