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Everything Everywhere All at Once is unafraid to mix soul and splendour, resulting in a beautifully profound cinematic fantasy

As Yeoh battles enemy after enemy and attempts to make sense of her situation, her relationship with her daughter remains the focal point, with traditional values and the varying ways her life could have taken shape providing nuance to some of the best technical filmmaking I have ever seen
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An interview with the directors of BAFTA nominee Femme

Nominated for Best Short Fiction Film at this years BAFTA awards, we sat down with queer thriller Femme's writers and directors, Sam H. Freeman & Ng Choon Ping
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And Just Like That… the controversial Sex And The City reboot comes to a close. Or does it?

Rather than guys and fashion problems, the older more refined ladies deals with loss, menopause, and divorce, to varying degrees of success
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The Oscars 2022: A breakdown of the Academy’s 94th award nominations

Editor Ben Carpenter outlines the 94th Academy Award nominations, sharing his insight on the films, directors, and nominees, based on previous winners and the nominee's achievements thus far
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360 Issues over 33 years: A reflection on our past & the power of the visual arts

They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but Epigram never goes out of style
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Dressing for confidence!

Ben Carpenter talks about his experiences of discovering how to dress with confidence, through embracing his own unique style in Bristol’s alternative fashion scene.
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Kristen Stewart shines as The People's Princess in Spencer

In donning the feathered shag and delicate accent, Kristen Stewart marks her territory as Hollywood's underrated gem and steps out of the (twi)light and into Diana’s darkest Christmas at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate
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