Sarah Lewis


Bridgerton S2: A teasing clash of duty and desire

Continuing a winning formula of lavish balls, comedic entanglements and teasing moments of sexual tension, Bridgerton S2 delivers once again
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Review: Taylor Swift - Red (Taylor's Version)

Red (Taylor’s Version) presents a newly recorded version of Taylor Swift’s fourth studio album from back in 2012, only now she owns the music herself, after the master recordings of her work were sold off against her wishes in 2019.
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Review: ABBA - Voyage

It is somewhat surreal to find that ABBA is back after 40 years, not only with a brand-new album, but also with an equally surreal avatar tour heading to a purpose-built stadium in London.
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Passing: An artsy but poignant adaptation

Set in 1920s New York, the film follows Irene, a black woman who is reintroduced to her childhood friend Clare, who is ‘passing’ for white.
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