Get Involved

Whether you want to write, photograph, film, interview or even review; there is a way for you to get involved at Epigram!

The easiest way to get started is to join a writers’ group to learn more. On writers groups, Editors will post commissions which you can have a go at writing. These can be found on Facebook with links below. Click the section(s) you’re interested in! See separate instructions below for our News team.

Science & Tech

News: Owing to the time sensitive nature of news the section is run slightly different. Please email for help getting involved:

For any other questions or for information not covered here please email either:


Do I need to do English or Humanities to write for you?
No. We have had Chemistry, Medicine, and Engineering students among many others who have written for us. Your academic background is irrelevant!

Is it a lot of work?
You can write as much or as little as you like. Unless you are part of our Editorial or Senior teams, there is no commitment whatsoever!

Do you want writers only?
Not at all! We’re always on the lookout for photographers, videographers, illustrators, cartoonists and more.

I’ve never done any journalism and I don’t have much writing experience. Can I still get involved?
No journalistic or writing experience is required. Any advice or help regarding writing an article can be sought from our section editors who are happy to help. You can find out who our section editors are via the Meet the Team page.

Can I pitch articles to you, or do you decide what gets written?
It’s a two way process. Our editors will put out commissions via the Facebook groups, but we are always open to suggestions. If you have an article idea, chat to your chosen section editor: they’ll help work through, develop and publish your idea. Chat with them via Facebook or email, or meet them at a section writers' meeting! Sections will post meeting times on their Facebook group.

I want to do more than just write for you, how can I get involved?
Our Editorial and Senior teams are chosen towards the end of each academic year, so your best chance is to apply then! Sporadic openings for specific positions do open up occasionally, but getting involved through writing for us is a great place to start.