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HYBR: the Bristol-based housing service fixing the ‘toxic’ student rental market

Finding the perfect home is a dream far from reach for many students. With January nearing closer, the housing scramble hastens, and floods of students fall victim to the hostile student rental market. Epigram investigates a potential solution.
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Review: ‘Robin Hood: The Legend of The Forgotten Forest’ @ Bristol Old Vic

‘The days of greed are over, to any sheriffs in their castle your days are numbered!’, and with that warning the relevancy of Robin Hood is revived again by The Wardrobe Ensemble.
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Opinion | The Government is portraying students as illiberal proponents of cancel culture for their own benefit

With a tide of vibrant young people swarming into higher education, university is no longer an elitist arena where knowledge is for the few.
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2020 life lessons

The Croft Magazine // 2020. Who knew a combination of four digits could elicit such emotion?
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Opinion | Students have not been adequately prepared for the return to academic normality in their final year

Exam season is the most stressful period for a student. Staggering into a daunting exam hall with the pretence of confidence, and seeing the sea of wobbly desks stretching to the far horizon seems like a faded, distant memory.
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Inspirational Woman: Stevie Nicks

By Nadja Lovadinov, Second Year, Geography Creator, artist, writer and performer. The inspirational life of Stevie Nicks... Content Warning: discussion
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Opinion | The Gamestop fiasco should encourage students to be more financially aware

With the arrival of the new year came the virtual invasion of an army of activist investors fighting against the powers of Wall Street, hellbent on shaking the sacred pillars of American society and its hypocrisies. The revolution was livestreamed.
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