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Dig!: A retrospective on the seminal music doc and the battle between art & profit

an artistic debate as old as time: to stay underground and make music true to you or sign to a major label to reach the largest audience while risking the moniker of ‘sell-out’?
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The Souvenir Part II is a testament to the power of filmmaking

Joanna Hogg’s sequel to her semi-autobiographical film uses the medium to explore grief and creativity in a daringly raw and personal way
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Belfast is a love letter to the joy and innocence of childhood

Kenneth Branagh’s ode to his hometown is a celebration of family, love, and joy in the face of trouble (or more specifically The Troubles)
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The Kings Man: riotous prequel is a thrilling addition to the franchise

Set against the backdrop of the First World War, the King's Man traces the origins of the underground spy organisation
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The Card Counter: nightmarish gambling thriller goes all-in on style over substance

After a year of career-defining performances from Oscar Isaac, this outing is certainly no exception. Yet, despite being spearheaded by cinema heavyweight Martin Scorsese it’s hard to understand how this film manages to go so awry
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Respect: Glamorous Aretha Franklin biopic fails to dig deeper into star’s troubled life

Despite powerhouse performances and beautiful production design, Liesl Tommy’s attempt to do justice to the extraordinary life of the queen of soul falls slightly flat in its sanitisation of tricky subject matters
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