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Loneliness at University: A guide to staying sane for the weeks to come

The first few weeks of university for many is sold as the best week of your life. The reality is that although university can definitely be a fun experience, it’s more likely you’ll spend a lot of it feeling lost. here are a few of my tips to avoid letting these moments of loneliness get you down.
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That Girl Trend: how to build a realistic routine for the start of the new year

Okay so the rise of the ‘that girl’ trend has taken over social media and has transformed my phone into a Pinterest wormhole that no one can escape from. But is it really sustainable? And how can we, students just starting the year build a productive routine?
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Tackling your gym anxiety

The Croft Magazine // Debunking all your gym anxieties from an unfit gym novice, Juliette walks us all through her first time going to the gym and the fears she felt before giving it a go.
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A relationship with your flatmate: the Dos and Don’ts

The Croft Magazine // Everyone warns against dating your flat mate, but now you’re in too deep – what ways can you ensure this relationship is healthy and long lasting?
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How to survive the first weeks of term

The Croft Magazine // The Wellbeing team share their best tips and tricks for surviving your Freshers’ Week and those early weeks of term.
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Deep dive into the rise of Gratitude Journals: Do they work?

Many argue Gratitude journaling can help you find joy in even the darkest of times and have taken up this hobby during the last year of the pandemic. But does this approach truly hold any benefits?
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