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Joaquin Phoenix delivers a delicate performance in optimistic C'mon C'mon

C'mon c'mon is a gentle wander through the themes of childhood, parenthood, importance of family and the right way of expressing emotions
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Cowboy Bebop fails as a live-action due to its over-reliance on the original animation

The space western follows a bounty hunter and his crew mates collecting just enough bounties to escape from the demons of their past
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The Power of the Dog: A poignant exposé of masculinity in 1920s western culture

A dominating Yale educated rancher projects his male toxicity onto his brother's wife and son in Jane Campion's directorial return
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Hawkeye is a cozy Christmas treat, even if it does miss the bullseye

Disney+ caps off its first year of Marvel mini-series with some festive fun in the form of Hawkeye, a Christmas tale centred around everyone’s – let’s face it – least favourite Avenger
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Gaga rules the runway in the overlong yet entertaining House of Gucci

Based on true events, the film charts the Gucci family’s shifting power dynamics as they vie for creative and monetary control over their corporate name-sake, largely from the perspective of outsider Patrizia Reggiani, played to a passionate intensity by Lady Gaga in her sophomore role
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360 Issues over 33 years: A reflection on our past & the power of the visual arts

They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but Epigram never goes out of style
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