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Straight out of Bristol: The best acts to come from the west

Bristol has been blessed with a hotbed of talent fostered by its wide range of venues and vibrant student population. Unsurprisingly, many notable artists have come from the city. The lively music scene is synonymous with electronic music and the creation of the Trip-Hop genre.
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The art of sampling

From J Dilla’s ‘Donuts’ to Madonna’s ‘Hung Up’, and the new craze surrounding PinkPantheress, sampling has remained a strong force in the rapidly changing music industry. But what is it? And who are some of the biggest names in sampling history?
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The death of the genre: are musical genres alive in the modern music industry?

After searching on Google with the query ‘is genre necessary,’ one could walk away with a sense of incurable dejection, and an acute awareness of POST post-modernist existential nihilism (basically meaning ‘Oh my god, is everything I have ever known really a construct?’).
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Review: Shame @ The Marble Factory

To ring in the last date of their UK tour, the post-punk gang took to The Marble Factory and proved that after 3 years of uncertain touring, rock and roll never dies.
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Cowboy Bebop fails as a live-action due to its over-reliance on the original animation

The space western follows a bounty hunter and his crew mates collecting just enough bounties to escape from the demons of their past
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The Power of the Dog: A poignant exposé of masculinity in 1920s western culture

A dominating Yale educated rancher projects his male toxicity onto his brother's wife and son in Jane Campion's directorial return
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