About Us

The history of Epigram

There has long been a student newspaper presence at the University of Bristol. The Bristol Nonesuch was launched in 1911 (the name is now used for the University of Bristol’s alumni magazine) and it continued into the 1960s.

BACCUS followed Nonesuch, but as it was denounced as NUS propaganda, the Union withdrew their funding in the late 1980s.

In its place, Epigram was set up. James Landale, now Diplomatic Editor at BBC news, was the first editor and the first issue was printed in 1988.

Epigram has changed a lot since 1988. Our logo has changed numerous times, the number of pages has increased from 8 to 48 and an online presence has developed.

More than 300 issues and various epi-puns later, this year we will celebrate our 30th year.

Clarifications, Corrections and Retractions

Epigram strive to be as accurate and impartial on student news as possible. However, should you wish to raise any editorial, commercial or legal issues please email editor@epigram.org.uk with the problem, addressed to the Editors-in-Chief. Please be sure to include the issue number and article headline if the article was in print, or the URL if the article was online. We endeavour to correct any inaccuracies as soon as they are raised with us.

In the first instance, we will investigate and look to seek an informal resolution. However, if the complainant is not satisfied with the response, we will bring it to the Students' Union (with whom we are an affiliated media product, but remain editorially independent) who can provide independent mediation for the issue to seek a resolution.