Evelyn Heis

Columnist for the Film&Tv section of the Epigram.


Ev Says: Spring has sprung and so has the film industry

Life is getting busier, deadlines are approaching, the bustle of the city is returning as the days are getting longer, warmer, and far more pleasant. These vibrant changes in our lives are, no doubt, being reflected in the media we are consuming
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A stylised allegory on the horrors of dating, Fresh feels almost exactly as its title suggests

Though it was initially released in January this year, Mimi Cave’s directorial debut has resurfaced and blown up on social media platforms, resulting in an array of fan edits and a lot of deserving attention. Is it worth the hype?
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Review: ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by Bristol Shakespeare Society @ Clifton Hill House Theatre

It was intriguing to see how Bristol’s Shakespeare Society would approach a play with a myriad of adaptations, in their debut as a society last weekend.
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Ev Says: Acknowledging women in the arts shouldn't be special

It's time we started normalising the success of women in the arts, instead of having to actively campaign for recognition
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Round two for UCU: why are University of Bristol staff striking again?

What began in May 2018 as a series of strike actions over pensions initiated by the University College Union (UCU) has now continued to remain prevalent, despite intervention from a global pandemic.
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Ev Says: Don't let Valentine's distract you from the non-romantic love in your life

Pressured by film and popular culture, many feel the need to attain romantic relationships, overlooking the already existing and prevalent love that surrounds us in our everyday life
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Ev Says: New Year is a great time to catch up on Film & TV favourites

In 2022 the New Year’s message is still the same: last year’s self wasn’t good enough and you need to change that this time around. I'd argue otherwise
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HBO's Euphoria remains shocking as ever in its sophomore season

Back from its two-year hiatus, the season two premiere did not hold back, with its first episode being one of its most explicit
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