Evelyn Heis

Columnist for the Film&Tv section of the Epigram.


Candyman reinvents the classic villain from senseless slasher to social allegory

Candyman (2021) is a direct sequel to Bernard Rose’s 1992 slasher-horror of the same name, told through a modern-day narrative that expands on the original backstory of the spirit, hook-for-a-hand, serial-killer, Candyman.
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Lin Manuel Miranda's 'In The Heights' soars in both filmmaking and representation

In the Heights is no ordinary musical; from its rich and vibrant colours, exuberant musical numbers and choreographed dance scenes that are buzzing with energy, to the touching, important message it carries, this musical is truly exceptional.
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Comedy and Drama mix seamlessly in Emma Seligman's 'Shiva Baby'

Adapted from her ten-minute short of the same name Emma Seligman has done a phenomenal job in directing, writing, and creating this award-winning, unparalleled comedy-drama
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Four films to help you celebrate the LGBTQ+ community this Pride month

Breaking away from Call Me By Your Name (2016) and Blue Is The Warmest Colour (2013), this list of LGBTQ+ film recommendations takes an intersectional turn, highlighting alternative narratives and their significance for the community.
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'Chaos Walking' is a confusing adaptation of the YA trilogy

With its exceptional cast, $125,000,000 budget, and four-year production time, 'Chaos Walking' should have been amazing. It wasn't.
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Mother Language Day: five Spanish-language films recommended by an Argentinian

With cinema being dominated by Hollywood, it is without question that film fanatics should be broadening their consumption of non-Westernised cinema and engaging with films of all different cultures.
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Is there a lack of representation for Jewish people in film and television?

Antisemitism has substantially increased in the last few years, from the failure to dismantle negative stereotypes that permeate Jewish identities
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