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As the title suggests, Encanto proves to be yet another charming addition to the Disney family

At the core of Disney's 60th Classic is a set of heavy, emotionally-charged themes, from generational trauma to the pressures of perfectionism and expectations
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The Great S2: an appropriate title for the multifaceted comedy-drama

At times it is a hilariously vile satire of the aristocracy, illustrated with some of the most vulgar gags I have ever seen on screen. At other times it is a sensitive and affecting exploration of love, grief, and all the other hard-to-articulate challenges of the human experience
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Season 13 of Doctor Who is ambitious yet hopeful

Episode 1, The Halloween Apocalypse, was packed with new characters, new villains, and new concepts, all centred around the end of the universe at the hands of an undefined threat called “the Flux”.
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Films to watch with your mum on Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day is different to most; you can’t take your mum out for afternoon tea or treat her to a meal. For those of us in our student accommodation, we can’t even spend the day with her. What you can do, however, is cosy up and watch a film.
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My experience as a contestant on BBC Mastermind

Last year, I decided to partake in something that was vastly outside of my comfort zone: I was a contestant on BBC's Mastermind. Here's how it happened.
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'His Dark Materials' season two is dark, deranged and utterly compelling

In a year so full of darkness, the explosive second series of His Dark Materials (2019-) shines with all the lustre of its predecessor.
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