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Opinion | Bristol: a melting pot of activism or the epitome of woke hypocrisy?

Active, liberal, and multicultural; Bristol students boast progressiveness with a sense of superiority over other universities, charged with a socio-political rage that can only be described as ‘woke supremacy.’
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Opinion | The latest IPCC Report: Why resigned despair is no longer an option for Bristolians

The first of three special reports by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was released in early August and as many expected it makes for grim reading.
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Opinion | Does grade inflation change the way students should be offered university places?

The disruption caused to the United Kingdom’s exam system by the COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced barriers that prevent higher education becoming more accessible to those from lower socio-economic backgrounds. Revisions to the university admission process should be made to reflect this.
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Opinion | An incoming fresher's perspective

An incoming fresher gives their take on A Levels during Covid-19, recent University actions and coming to Bristol after the last year and a half.
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Opinion | Current students at Bristol Uni have received the raw end of the deal

While the University of Bristol has offered generous financial incentives to prospective students, current students have been left by the wayside despite shouldering the brunt of university during the pandemic.
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Opinion | Extinction Rebellion and Bristol Airport: the unseen costs of climate action

Extinction Rebellion’s latest protest against the Bristol Airport expansion highlights a wider fundamental issue facing the climate action movement that remains unsolved.
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