Ex-Blue Mountain staff to open new, socially-distanced venue


By Flora Pick, Deputy Music Editor

Promoters who were previously associated with Bristol's Blue Mountain club, which closed in August, have announced an exciting new socially-distanced venue.

Blue Mountain club made the announcement yesterday via their Facebook page, sure to rouse some renewed hope in clubgoers.

Staff have bounced back from the venue's closure to open a partially-covered venue in accordance to government guidelines on social distancing.

Boasting over 20 tables, decks and adequately vibey lighting, footage released on Facebook indicates a night out that looks to replicate some of the lost glory of the legendary Bristol club.

The new St. Philips location can hopefully provide what seems to be missing in times of COVID, an authentic club-going experience, promising 'the style of music events [they] did at Blue Mountain.'

Other venues that have made efforts to adapt to these changing times include Lakota and the New Bridewell Complex, each also opting to provide outdoor spaces to socialise in safety.

Though further details are yet to emerge on the exact nature of events that will be on offer, the new development may be just the move in a positive direction the city needs.

Featured: Epigram / Lucas Arthur

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