Epigram is recruiting for its 2022/23 Editorial Team!

Fancy joining the editorial team of one of the UK's leading student publications? Epigram is hiring a brand new editorial team for 2021-22 and also recruiting for an open pool of creative roles!
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Review: Paula Rego: Subversive Stories @ Arnolfini

I decided during the height of the February storms to finally visit the Arnolfini’s Paula Rego: Subversive Stories collection.
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Review: Jumpers for Goalposts @ The Wardrobe Theatre

Bristol Old Vic Theatre School brought Tom Wells’ Jumpers For Goalposts to the Wardrobe Theatre for a performance as heartfelt as it was funny, as part of their fortnight-long Directors’ Festival.
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Epigram’s Business Team is hiring

Join Epigram’s Business Team and gain practical business experience at the heart of student life!
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Review: ‘Fiji’ @ The Wardrobe Theatre ★★★★★

Clay Party and Conflicted Theatre’s unsettling synthesis of modern dating and true crime was met with a well-deserved standing ovation on the first of its two nights at The Wardrobe Theatre in Old Market.
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Opinion | All I want is a pension, and if at all possible a planet to live on….

How would you like it if you were forced to pay around £1000 every month to an organisation that uses your money to fund fossil fuel companies that are destroying the planet? What would you do? Boycott it? Protest? Take legal action?
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‘Grayson’s Art Club’ @ Bristol Museum and Art Gallery: Are we ready for pandemic art?

Grayson’s Art Club is artist Grayson Perry’s lockdown project. As part of a television series on Channel 4, which now has 2 seasons, Perry has collated art from everyday people, fellow artists and celebrities, based on themes during the pandemic.
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