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Russian Doll's second season returns in a frenzy, adopting the sophisticated ethos that dying is easy, but it's living that's hard

The second season of Russian Doll takes a more exciting direction, building on the tightly woven narrative of season one, exploring more sophisticated and heavy themes
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Ti West's latest horror X pays nail-biting homage to the 70s slasher

Ti West's horror picture, X, ensures his induction into a hall of fame that includes Ari Aster and Jordan Peele.
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Pam & Tommy gets off to an exciting yet potentially insensitive start

The facetiously named premiere ‘Drilling and Pounding’ documents the events leading up to Rand Gauthier's decision to rob the iconic pair of their safe
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The Electrical Life of Louis Wain struggles to stay afloat amidst heavy themes, but remains a colourful tale of a tortured artist

Creepy cats and eccentric artists meet in Cumberbatch's passion project about the late painter
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Gaga rules the runway in the overlong yet entertaining House of Gucci

Based on true events, the film charts the Gucci family’s shifting power dynamics as they vie for creative and monetary control over their corporate name-sake, largely from the perspective of outsider Patrizia Reggiani, played to a passionate intensity by Lady Gaga in her sophomore role
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Adding little to a worn narrative, Britney vs Spears fails to shed new light on a decades long fight

The absurdity of fame, as well as the sheer isolation, are captured perfectly in the first minute of ‘Britney vs Spears’. Unfortunately, this is where excellence ends.
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