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Balancing thought-provoking themes and dark humour, Wild Men is hard not to enjoy

Part comedy-drama, part crime thriller, Wild Men somehow manages to tie this range of genres together into a wholly enjoyable 104 minutes
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Firebird offers little originality to the pattern of tragic gay romance films

Firebird is a tragic romance about a gay couple in the Soviet Union at the height of Cold War, but lacks in rendering a memorable experience for viewers
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Robert Eggers' The Northman struggles to balance an uneven narrative amidst striking visuals

Bursting with violence and gore, Eggers' latest effort maintains an oddly artsy feel despite the film also fulfilling many tropes of the action and fantasy genres
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The Phantom of The Open is a light-hearted comedy bound to entertain you

Not quite a cinematic masterpiece destined for award ceremonies and box office success; it is, however, hugely entertaining and worth watching for a heart-warming giggle
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Big Bug: Jean-Pierre Jeunet's promising robot film under-delivers

Known for his trademark style of excess and quirkiness, Jeunet's fantastical world proves nightmarish for characters and audiences alike
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The Matrix Resurrections is further proof that not all iconic franchises require resuscitation

Resurrections heavily relies upon the previous three films without really adding anything new to the series. Instead, this sequel acts more like a cheesy reunion of characters and ideas, full of in-jokes and on the nose references to the earlier films
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Joaquin Phoenix delivers a delicate performance in optimistic C'mon C'mon

C'mon c'mon is a gentle wander through the themes of childhood, parenthood, importance of family and the right way of expressing emotions
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'No Time To Die': Daniel Craig's last hurrah as 007 excels in diversity and inclusion

By Claire Meakins, English, Second Year *mild spoilers ahead* No Time To Die was always going to be a landmark
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