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Away from home this Christmas? We have you covered

Looking to avoid the sentimental Christmas classics? Look no further

By Isha Vibhakar, Film & Television Deputy Editor

If I’m away from home this Christmas (which I am), there’s no way in hell I’m watching The Holiday (2006) or Love Actually (2003) - seriously, why would you voluntarily want to make yourself miserable when you’re already likely to be in emotional overdrive during the holidays! So let me warn you, if you came here looking for some sappy romedies, my list is overtly brash and overbearing because if one more person asks me if I’m going to be okay, I’m going to lose it!

1. “December 25, weight 140 pounds plus 42 mince pies. Alcohol units, oh, thousands. BUGGER OFF!”

Courtesy of IMDB

YES, YES AND YES! If absolute legend Bridget Jones can make it on her own during Christmas by yelling at carolers to *sod off* and by judging men who wore hideous looking reindeer jumpers, so can you! Bridget Jones Diary (2001) is definitely my number one go-to and recommendation this holiday season.

With all your flatmates back at home, there’s no reason why you can’t spruce up some holiday food in the kitchen you have all to yourself unless you’re strapped for a couple of quid like Bridget and have to resort to the age-old bran. Still, you can make it through with some other handy essentials like ... alcohol. Lots. Just be careful to pick your moments from the film; don’t even bother with Celine Dion's cover of ‘All By Myself’, what you want is Chaka Khan’s ‘I’m Every Woman’ and you’re all set.

2. “Here’s SANTA!”

Courtesy of IMDB

Well not really, but one can only hope for him if they’re in a foul mood over the holidays like our dear Jack Torrance and make the bold choice of watching The Shining (1980). Maybe you could have some *RED RUM* (pun intended) to accompany a couple of those jump scares or the literal frozen to death shot of Jack Nicholson. Although I do understand it’s cold outside, I’d suggest you get out of the house and visit St. Nick’s market for a change of vibe and place because as we all know ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’.

Trust me, you’d really not want to risk your sanity by staying in and only working on those January deadlines you have ahead of you.

3. “Please don’t cry no tears now, it’s Christmas, baby!”

Courtesy of IMDB

For lack of a thematic title, I'd resort to Sia’s 'Snowman’, but I’m actually referring to the 1982 British animation The Snowman here. Ignore the sudden emotional turnaround, but I’d rather cry happy tears than the much-dreaded homesickness ones. Also, I believe this is a far better choice than the creepy animated characters of The Polar Express (2004) so if anything, let this film restore your belief in magic through its simple and innocent narrative and song.

Whilst these films can help you get through the holidays, you could always enjoy the festive spirit by decorating the Christmas tree or, if you are worried about the trees going into the chipper like Phoebe from Friends (God forbid!), you’re better off protecting your principles by feeding the hungry like Barney from How I Met Your Mother (2005). Either way, it’s a win-win; however, the one piece of advice I’d give to all the single Bridget's decking up the tree would be to probably lose the mistletoe. For now.

Featured Image: IMDB

The Film & Television Editorial team wish all of our readers a very Happy Holidays! x