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Sex column: losing your virginity

The Croft Magazine // Carrie Brizshaw, The Croft's resident sex columnist, shares her thoughts on losing your virginity.

By Carrie Brizshaw, The Croft's Sex Columnist

The Croft Magazine // Carrie Brizshaw, The Croft's resident sex columnist, shares her thoughts on losing your virginity.

Virgins are as common at university as girls in flares. What is actually embarrassing is not telling your partner. This one guy kept his virgin-status from me but I quickly guessed it from the way he was flopping like a fish. I was just so turned off by the fact that he acted like an expert yet couldn’t even locate my clit. On another occasion, I had sex with a guy who was very open about his virginity, which I enjoyed more because I didn’t go in with high expectations. I guess I can say I was the best he’d ever had!

With my own virginity, I lost it to a boy with a barcode haircut. Let’s be honest here, it’s the worst haircut a boy could have. And, to put it kindly, it was a disaster just like his hair. I was so drunk, I had to run to the toilet to throw up mid-blowjob (missed the toilet bowl, of course), but I still came back to finish. The show must go on. Surprisingly, I didn’t regret one bit of the encounter, except maybe that last rum and coke. The guy had me giggling all evening, distracting me enough from his haircut to have sex with him. Most importantly, I still have no regrets because I felt I could trust him.

What I had wanted for my first time, though, were those Nicholas Sparks movie scenes where it seemed so romantic and special. In reality, it was awkward. Those films never show the bits where you clumsily slip off your clothes. I was rather glad that I had some Dutch courage that night. My main concern was the pain, but it was no worse than a nose piercing and I hardly remember it now. Honestly, by the second round, I was starting to see why people become sex addicts. You’re probably not going to cum the first time but that’s okay! There will be many other opportunities, as long as your partner manages to find your clit.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but, in reality, it’s lube. I don’t know why people don’t use it more often. I would genuinely rather not have sex than not use lube. It opens you up to this whole new world of foreplay and is an essential for your first time. My friend and her boyfriend attempted penetrative sex on five separate occasions before they were successful. Five. Separate. Occasions. A similar thing happened to my flatmate who reported that, after she borrowed my lube, he slipped right in. Clearly, the lesson here is to spend that extra eight quid on lube to avoid the awkwardness. Alternatively some good old fashioned spit could go a long way.

As you will cum to learn, sex can be very enjoyable.

Carrie's top tips:


Condoms, £10.50 | Boots 

Unless you want to risk an STD or a baby, use condoms. You can get them for free at sex clinics which are always fun to visit. I personally prefer SKYN condoms which are often on a 2 for 1 offer.


Lube, £6 | Ann Summers 

An essential for first times! Water-based lube is recommended by experts for the least amount of irritation, but I prefer Ann Summers’ flavoured lube. I use the salted caramel flavour for foreplay, as well as penetrative sex.

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