Seeking Help: The importance of finding alternative outlets when dealing with self harm

Content warning: this article has multiple mentions of self harm. The Croft Magazine // Self harm is an often taboo, and scary topic. However, for those of us who are struggling, what options for help are out there?
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Pillow talk sex column: Intimacy

Have you ever gotten ‘intimate’? Okay, but have you really? It’s a strange word and no one has the same definition.
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Pillow Talk Sex Column: House of mirrors

One of the greatest tips I have for sex is the introduction of mirrors. I came – literally – to this realisation when a past bedroom happened to have six mirror panels running alongside the bed. I soon realised the fun this allowed, and I don’t see myself quitting any time soon.
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Pillow Talk Sex Column: Toys to take it to the next level

I want to take you through some next level (but still easy to use) sex toys that’ll kick things up a notch in the bedroom. These are more exciting than your family-favourite (maybe not) dildos and vibrators. First let’s reiterate some sex toy basics.
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