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Sex column: Kama Sutra

The Croft Magazine // A girl. A boy. The Kama Sutra. Could a night get any more interesting?

By Carrie Brizshaw, The Croft's Sex Columnist

The Croft Magazine // A girl. A boy. The Kama Sutra. Could a night get any more interesting?

How can a book that was written 2,000 years ago still be relevant now? There’s an easy answer to that, people just haven’t stopped having sex. And the positions have evolved, just like humans. Having found some to try out, me and my boyfriend embarked upon our journey in the hope of achieving a plethora of orgasms via this ancient text.

Indranika (Queen of Heaven)
This intricate missionary variation involved Big* wrapping his legs around mine while my legs were spread as he thrusted. Despite this being an ode to the Hindu Queen of Heaven, I certainly didn’t feel like a royal. Let’s just say, she’s the queen for a reason! My lack of flexibility left me with cramps which cut this position short. As the book suggests, practice makes perfect so I’ll be brushing up my yoga skills to master this manoeuvre.

Utphallaka (Blossoming)
This position is essentially reverse cowgirl but with your partner kneeling upright. While a mixture of milk and water doesn’t seem the most appetising to drink, I’m more than happy to gulp it down during sex. Your partner might even produce a milky substance if all goes well. I loved this one, just because it gave such deep penetration. Be sure to lube up for this one!

Shulachitaka (Impalement)

Thankfully for my vagina, this has nothing to do with Vlad the Impaler and everything to do with deep penetration. With my leg placed on Big’s shoulder while he thrusts and gives me clitoral stimulation, it’s one hell of a highway to an orgasm. So it comes as no surprise that this was our favourite position.

Utphallaka (Blossoming)

This involved me on my back with my legs wrapped tightly around Big while he knelt under my bottom. Just don’t. If you have a significant height difference with your partner this is not the one. Unless you want to break your partner’s penis, you’d better stay away. In an attempt to satiate our thirst for an orgasm, we fused it with the Impalement to really make this position blossom.

After a few long nights of research, we came to the conclusion that our height difference simply made having sex using these positions rather difficult. But being good little students, we adapted these contortions to suit us better so that we could achieve that omnipotent sexual enlightenment.

*Big – Just like John was Carrie’s Mr Big, I am introducing my boyfriend as Big so he can stay anonymous.

Carrie's top tips:

Kama Sutra Book, £5.99 | Amazon 

The Little Book of Kama Sutra by Sadie Cayman

This is a handy travel-sized version so that no matter where you are, you can practice the Kama Sutra and its teachings.

Featured Image: Artwork / Lizzie Burgess

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