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Introducing ChicP: the sustainable hummus brand

By Lou Craven and Mia Austin, Digital Editors

Bristol is renowned for being a city of both hummus lovers and the environmentally conscious; it’s time to combine the two. Enter ChicP, the sustainable plant-based brand founded on a passionate commitment to reduce food waste and eat healthier.

The company:

Hannah McCollum founded ChicP in 2016 after working as a private chef in the catering industry and discovering an overwhelming proportion of food going to waste; thus she began her quest to create delicious dips from surplus vegetables.

‘‘What’s the dip of the day Hannah?’’

With food security becoming an ever-growing issue, it’s time to make the switch to more sustainable food options. 40% of all British crops are rejected due to their shape and size with the majority going to waste. ChicP are working to reduce this number by sourcing all their vegetables from British farms and promoting ethical consumption.

ChicP Hummus Lou Craven / The Croft

The products:

ChicP products include nutritious veggie bites and delicious healthy hummus, all 100% natural and vegan. They boast 4 delicious hummus flavours: carrot, turmeric and ginger, the immune boost you need to fight fresher’s flu; beetroot and horseradish, add some spice to your life; herby, get those greens in; velvet, a smooth and silky take on the OG.

Our personal favourite: carrot, turmeric and ginger – we like a bit of zing!

Not forgetting veggie bites, a more recent addition to the ChicP family, think falafel but better (we didn’t think it was possible either). They are available in two fab flavours: sweet potato and rosemary or beetroot and apple. Eat hot or cold, on their own or dipped, breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Our suggested pairings: sweet potato bites with beetroot hummus and beetroot bites with velvet hummus.

Hummus Sampling Lou Craven / The Croft

Currently, ChicP can be found throughout the UK and is aiming to expand its reach, including to Bristol. A few places you can already find it in the city are: Ocado, Farm drop and some delis including Wild Oats. These are only their first steps towards encouraging a wider culture of sustainable eating and ChicP is just one example of a food brand you could be switching to. It’s time to get adventurous and explore some new, more ethical foods without having to compromise on quality and flavour.

Keep an eye out for us around the university campus in the following weeks! Don’t miss your chance to try some tasty hummus.

Featured Image: Lou Craven

What's your dream hummus flavour?

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