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Dressing for the Season Change

The changing of the seasons brings a new set of fashion challenges. Lara gives us tips on how to get through Autumn in style and comfort.

By Lara Lippin

THE CROFT/ The changing of the seasons brings a new set of fashion challenges. Lara gives us tips on how to get through Autumn in style and comfort.

With summer slowly vanishing and all things autumnal creeping back onto our shelves, our wardrobes are awkwardly stuck between two seasons. This transitional period creates excitement for those (like myself) who can finally bring out their baggy comfort hoodies and oversized outfits whilst others mourn the loss of their beloved summer outfits. This middle ground is also hard to navigate due to the gloriously unpredictable British weather. However, despite the uncontrollable weather, dressing for fall is the perfect time to dress sustainably and adapt the clothing items you already have. Rather than panicking and changing your wardrobe entirely, layering your clothes and accessorising the outfits you already love helps to protect the environment, save you money and inspire creativity in your style.

One of the most essential ways to prepare for the change in season is to layer. Layering clothing protects us from colder weather whilst adding a trendy dimension to your pre-loved outfits. With these five autumnal essentials (some that you may already have hidden away), your wardrobe will feel more ready for the unpredictable season ahead.

It wouldn’t be a fall fashion guide without mentioning the trench coat. This timeless classic is both lightweight and waterproof, leaving room for layering on those colder autumnal days whilst also being breathable. Trench coats come in many neutral tones, making them easy to pair with almost everything you already wear and love. On top of all these positives, the classic silhouette of this coat can be dressed up and down depending on your chosen event or style.

©Krisjanis Kazaks

Another classic item to consider wearing this fall is the denim jacket. Denim jackets are stylish and durable, making them the perfect transitional must-have for your wardrobe. Whether you wear it over a dress with some chunky boots or opt for the 90s streetwear double-denim look, this jacket can be worn all year round. Denim’s durability and timeless appeal mean it will likely last you for many years, which keeps your wardrobe sustainable!

Although summer is gone, you can still incorporate your favourite dress into fall. Try pairing a slip dress with a leather/denim jacket and chunky boots or heels for an effortlessly Sex-in-the-City-inspired look. For those colder moments, why not throw a knit jumper or cardigan over a slip dress, which will keep you simultaneously warm and stylish?

Cardigans are a must-have piece this upcoming fall. This knitwear piece is perfect for days when you crave comfort but it’s too hot for a heavy jacket. If you’re looking for that off-duty model vibe, cropped cardigans are also a great piece to layer or wear on their own.

Last but not least, accessories! Accessories are great fashion tools that provide practicality and personal flare to your outfits. Autumnal fashion can be just as much fun as summer, so why not add a colourful, chunky knit scarf to brighten up those darker days ahead?

Which of these style tips will you use this Autumn?

Featured Image: Nicolas Ladino Silva