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Cures to beat that pesky hangover

The Croft Magazine // The new term brings nights out and hungover mornings, so why not save some time and decide your plan of attack now?

By Kate Bowie, Second Year, English

The Croft Magazine // The new term brings nights out and hungover mornings, so why not save some time and decide your plan of attack now?

As students flood back to Bristol, we reacquaint ourselves with an essential university experience; the hangover. While clubs might be closed, we can rely on students for booze-related resourcefulness. Their dependable desperation the next morning is where this recap of hangover cures hopefully comes in handy.

  • Caffeinate
Epigram / Kate Bowie 

A coffee is a tempting option, boasting both energy that might get you out of bed and a solution to cottonmouth. Unfortunately, coffee is a diuretic that’ll worsen your dehydration. Caffeine also increases blood pressure, which only aggravates headaches.

Verdict: 3/10– Helpful for 20 seconds, before your internal organs start rioting against you for not giving them a minute’s peace.

  • ‘Hair-of-the-dog’
Epigram / Orin Carlin 

A controversial choice with scientific reasoning; higher blood alcohol levels can prevent you producing hangover-worsening compounds. Bloody Marys are also a great peace offering for irked flat mates. Upon sobering up, however, your hangover will be back with a vengeance.

Verdict: 5/10– Maybe for freshers, when being drunk most of the week is expected, but according to a flatmate survey, results in chunning 70% of time.

  • Grin and bear it

Another classic of desperation; convincing yourself you’re not really hungover and making it to your online lectures is at the least admirable. With some hangovers lasting 72 hours, however, this ‘cure’ is just prolonged torture.

Verdict: 4/10– Offers bragging rights and no planning needed, but will ruin your day.

  • Health-nut concoctions
Unsplash / Truong Dat 

Whether it’s a green smoothie or a ginger shot that’s harder to down than last night’s slammers, your ‘well-being-enthusiast’ friend swears by it. In fairness to them, boosting your blood sugar levels reduces some hangover symptoms, if you can stomach it.

Verdict: 7/10– Actually works and you can pretend it cancels out the liver damage- a win-win. Minus points for foresight needed.

  • Hydrate, refuel, hibernate
Unsplash / Calum Lewis 

Downing water and toast before trudging back to bed is a personal favourite- not only does it work (sleep, water and hearty food all being proven remedies) but it’s a great excuse to write-off the rest of the day to Netflix.

Verdict: 10/10–  Fool-proof and minimal effort. Need I say more.

Featured: Epigram / Kate Bowie

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