Kate Bowie


Bristol University unveils new statue of Henrietta Lacks

This Monday a life-sized bronze statue of Henrietta Lacks, a Black African-American woman whose cells have lead to countless medical breakthroughs, was unveiled by her family at the University of Bristol.
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Review | ‘Itchin’ & Scratchin’’- Denzil Forrester at Spike Island ★★★★

By Kate Bowie, Second Year English Reopening on the 4th of August at Bristol’s Spike Island, and available through
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'Students are a powerful source of change' - SolidariTee on student activism

After almost a year of pandemic-provoked chaos, the world’s disadvantaged need support more than ever. Student activism for charities may be the answer.
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Cures to beat that pesky hangover

The Croft Magazine // The new term brings nights out and hungover mornings, so why not save some time and decide your plan of attack now?
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New obesity measures: the overlooked impact on eating disorder sufferers

At first glance, the government’s impending anti-obesity measures seem necessary – on further examination, however, the plans threaten to worsen already deadly disorders
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