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Freshers' must-haves

The Croft Magazine // A run-through of the must-haves you wish someone had told you to buy before you started uni.

By Rosie Neville, Second Year Politics and Economics

The Croft Magazine // A run-through of the must-haves you wish someone had told you to buy before you started uni.

If you have stumbled upon this article I will assume you are currently performing a deep-dive internet search, trying to compile a comprehensive checklist for university. By now, I assume, you have discovered the obvious essentials- who knew a pen would come in handy at university? I will also assume you have that long-awaited IKEA trip booked in the calendar so you can stock up on pokal and flitighet (glass and plates to the non-IKEA speakers among you). I am here to open your eye on some subtle realities of university life and therefore promote unconventional, yet essential items.

Dark/ patterned sheets. We all dreamt that dream… the bohemian-pinterest-UO inspired room decor with the light grey muted bedsheets to match the tropical plant ensemble. Sadly these sheets are not compatible with everyday student life and the stains that come with it. (Eww - I’m not alluding to those stains). I’m talking about the squaska sploshes acquire when an impromptu pres starts occurring in your room. And the tea tips the morning after when your hungover body hasn’t got the strength to keep hold of the mug. Dark or patterned sheets work a treat in concealing any of these misdemeanours.

Duvet Cover Set, £15.99 | Wayfair 

Unusual cutlery. Cutlery is, of course, an essential utensil for consuming the endless budget curries and pesto-pasta dishes. However, in halls, the run-of-the-mill silver cutlery rarely suffices. Early on, when you are still in the phase of being outrageously nice to everyone and anyone, you may be happy to lend your cutlery out. However, come December when your 16-piece IKEA set has decimated to two butter knives and an unexplained bent fork, eating your coco-pops before your 9am lab becomes a complete unnecessary palaver.  Standout cutlery is a foolproof way of tracking yours down.

Cutlery Set, £5.49 | Shein 

Flips Flops. Flip flops have yet to receive the notoriety they deserve for being the foot-freeing solution they are. They do not only provide comfort, but they are a voguish alternative to your basic Adidas Superstar or Nike Air Force’s. Who doesn’t love to make everyone alert to their presence by quirky ‘thwacking’ sound only flip flops can provide? However, their use stretches beyond their pure stylishness. To all the share-bathroom residences out there, flip-flops have the unique power to save you from that stomach-churning moment when your drunk flatmate reveals their hobby for shower urination.

Flip Flops, £14.99 | Schuh 

(On a serious note, try not to worry too much. Without wanting to sound too cringey, all you need to have for a great freshers is an open mind and slightly managed expectations.)

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