Rosie Neville

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Lockdown trends: Best to worst

With just over a year having passed since the first lockdown, here is a ranking of all the well-known fads that have tried to keep us entertained, fed and sane throughout it all.
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Considering a sports society? Just do it!

The benefits of sports societies are often overlooked by students. It's understandable as people are often more concerned with settling in, making friends, focusing on their degree or drinking themselves silly.
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Opinion | Young people cannot be scapegoated for COVID-19

As coronavirus cases rise in the UK, it appears as though the blame has been laid at the door of young people. However, this scapegoating of young people fails to recognise the campaign of mixed and contradictory messages that have been enacted since the easing of lockdown.
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Freshers' must-haves

The Croft Magazine // A run-through of the must-haves you wish someone had told you to buy before you started uni.
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