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Epigram and The Croft are now hiring for their 2024/25 Senior Teams

Are you interested in leading the University of Bristol's award-winning student newspaper in its 36th year of operation?

Epigram and The Croft are hiring a brand new Senior Team for the 2024/25 academic year!

Applications are now open for Epigram’s new Editors-in-Chief and Deputy Editors, who will lead the newspaper in its 36th year of operation. 

Being on Epigram's Senior Team is an incredibly rewarding experience – you get to run an award-winning newspaper and gain valuable industry skills. Training will be provided for all successful candidates by this year's outgoing team, but candidates will ideally already have good knowledge of student media, particularly Epigram or The Croft itself.

Previous Senior Editors of Epigram have included the likes of Ben Parr (The Times), Hannah Price (BBC 3), James Landale, (BBC News), William Lewis (The Daily Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal), Susanna Reid (BBC Breakfast, ITV Good Morning Britain), Krissi Murrison (The Sunday Times) and many others.

The Croft, Epigram's lifestyle magazine, has vacancies open for new Editors-in-Chief and a Creative Director for the next academic year.

If you are interested in applying, please prepare a cover letter and no more than two sides of an A4 sheet detailing your journalism experience (Epigram, The Croft or otherwise) and an overview of your ideas for the paper/magazine for the upcoming year. Put the subject of your email as "Application-(role/roles you're applying for)-(your name)". For Epigram, please send applications to For The Croft, please send applications to

The closing date is Thursday 14th March 2024 at 23:59.59. If you have any questions, please get in touch at

Job descriptions for all roles are listed below:



  • Responsible for overseeing all aspects of the production and running of Epigram, as well as liaising with the University Press Office, Bristol SU and other external organisations. 
  • Also responsible for the management of the News team, including the coverage of major and breaking stories and liaising with national media outlets. 
  • Oversees the editorial team’s creation of the print newspaper and works with proofreaders to edit and produce the final version to send to print. 
  • Works with the Business Team to ensure the smooth running of all of Epigram’s operations. 
  • Responsible for maintaining Epigram’s online presence and reputation for digital excellence, including the operation of the website, the management of all social media channels, and the maintenance of all other digital aspects of Epigram (including email systems). 
  • Requires strong organisational skills, time management, communication and leadership, and excellent knowledge of how Epigram works. 
  • An ideal candidate will have proven commitment to student media and good knowledge and ideas for adapting and continuing the publication in a rapidly changing landscape.

Deputy Editor

  • Responsible for supporting the Editors-in-Chief in the production of the newspaper and the general organisation of the publication.
  • Helping to oversee all the different teams of the paper and ensuring the quality and accurate output of content.
  • An ideal candidate will have proven commitment to student media and good knowledge and ideas for adapting and continuing the publication in a rapidly changing landscape.



  • Responsible for the overall management and running of The Croft, as well as liaising with local businesses and PR contacts, among other relations.
  • Oversees the creation of the lifestyle magazine, and works alongside the partner Co-Editor-in-Chief, Section Editors, and Creative Director to edit and produce the final versions to send to print.
  • The Editors-in-Chief are also responsible for commissioning/ writing the content for the lifestyle section.
  • The Editors-in-Chief will also be responsible for hiring, alongside their editorial team, a Social Media Manager and Partnerships Manager, to maintain The Croft's online presence, stockist relationships, and earned media advertisements.
  • Requires innovative thinking, strong organisation skills and time management, communication, and some knowledge of how The Croft works.

Creative Director:

  • Lead the creative vision, design, and direction of the magazine, ensuring all designs and visual outputs are aligned with The Croft’s brand identity, style guides, target audience, and editorial goals.
  • Oversee the development and execution of all visual elements, including magazine layout, digital social media assets, and printed event collateral.
  • Responsible for the magazine production process, from proofing and packaging designs to liaising with printers.
  • Manage a team of Graphic Designers, providing guidance and feedback to foster creativity, growth, and professional development.
  • Requires strong knowledge of Adobe Suite, strong time management skills, and industry knowledge of current design trends and independent magazines.
  • A PDF or website portfolio is required as part of this application in addition to the CV and cover letter listed above.

Are you planning on applying? Get in touch!