Pillow Talk Sex Column: Toys to take it to the next level


By Carrie Brizshaw, The Croft's Sex Columnist

The Croft Magazine // I want to take you through some next level (but still easy to use) sex toys that’ll kick things up a notch in the bedroom. These are more exciting than your family-favourite (maybe not) dildos and vibrators. First let’s reiterate some sex toy basics:

They can be made of several materials: silicone, plastic, glass and steel. I recommend starting with silicone as these tend to be of higher quality. Avoid rubber jelly like the plague (if the plague was a genital infection) as it is porous and therefore does not make for easy cleaning.

It’s important to clean your toys after every use (alone or otherwise). What you use is dependent on the material of your toy. Most of the time you can wash them with a mild liquid soap or dedicated sex toy cleaner. Alternatively, you can leave your toys in boiling water for ten minutes. Be careful when washing glass products – if they chip just a little, they are unusable!

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Make sure you lube your toys way up to avoid unnecessary friction. Oil and silicone-based lubes aren’t compatible with condoms and some kinds of sex toys. Opt for water-based lubes to cover all your bases (and bits).

Now let’s break down the sex toys I reckon will have you in ecstasy:

Cock Ring – This is a simple ring, just a bit thicker than a rubber band. It fits around the shaft of the penis and has a vibrating mechanism for added pleasure. It works by slightly constricting the blood flow to the penis. There are variations that include extra vibrating components to stimulate the clitoris at the same time.

The Rabbit – Many women will already be a fan of the rabbit. It’s shaped like a dildo but with two vibrating prongs at the base. These are the ‘rabbit ears’ that gave the toy its name and they vibrate against the clitoris while the shaft penetrates.

Anal Beads – Butt plugs have a beginner-friendly cousin! Anal beads are little stacked balls that gradually get bigger down the stack. They’re great for trying out anal play and don’t risk being lost inside the user (anal toys should always have a flared base!).

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Jiggle Balls/Kegels/'Ben Wa' Balls – These are (usually) two weighted balls. You insert them inside the vagina where they gently sway around. They were originally invented to train pelvic floor muscles but are great for sex too. Picture this: halfway through dinner you announce to your partner you’ve got them in and they’ll have to be the one to take them out. Will they be able to resist the challenge? They can also be kept in during (gentle) penetration.

Featured Image: The Croft

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