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When The Sun Is In Scorpio: Emma Morgan

'New passions are on the horizon, I am sure. Will start looking tomorrow.'

THE CROFT/ A reminder that self-improvement can evolve through many stages.

Sometime in March 

Just watched In The Mood For Love,

maybe/potentially/considering re-downloading Hinge?

Will wait until my thrush clears up.

My Birthday

Have just been informed by the bartender 

that my spirit animal is a Starfish!

Or maybe a Hedgehog? It was really loud 

and I was lipreading. 

August, on the phone with Mum

Went to one of those boozy craft things

and tried scrapbooking

but it’s a fucking waste of time.

Cutting out and glueing down and sticking in

is for children, and so, not for me.

Also, I spilt rosé on my new jorts

and it looked like I’d pissed myself

so all in all, not a great evening.

But new passions are on the horizon 

I am sure.

Will start looking tomorrow.

Saturday, Curry Night

King Prawn Balti for me, please!


The day after Halloween 

Have come to the conclusion

that my Pilates instructor doesn’t like me?

I sweat and I stretch and I try really hard 

(e.g. the time I nearly shit myself)

and I bought new leggings

proper good quality expensive ones 


you know

we just don’t click, I guess.

Me and her.

So I’m cancelling my gym membership 

& instead I’m focusing on being a DJ.

Featured Image: Cian MacNamara

What new beginnings have you tried (and failed) to enact?