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By Phoebe Altman, Food Subeditor

Start university with a kick with these delicious and simple cocktails great for a flat activity before a night out!

We’ve all been there, (freshers, you will be there soon if you’re not careful) it comes to pres before a night out and you’ve forgotten to buy mixers, you’re bored of the usual vodka coke, or you think you’re hardcore enough to down Sainsbury’s own straight from the bottle. It never ends well, let us save you from a bad night.

Here are a couple of cocktails which will make you feel both drunk and classy, because you can be both. There’s no need to buy the expensive options for these, once it’s all mixed together and you’re a few drinks down, you won’t even notice the difference between Sainsbury’s own and Grey Goose.

If you’re not into drinking, then just leave out the alcohol from the ingredients and enjoy feeling smug knowing that you won’t have a hangover in the morning!

The Moscow Mule and Green Garden | Phoebe Altman

Moscow mule

Serves 1



2 shots vodka (50ml)

½ lime

Ginger beer


Fill your glass up halfway with ice, pour over the vodka, squeeze in the juice of half a lime (save the other half for the next one!) and top up with ginger beer. Give it a stir and get ready for a round of ‘Ring of Fire’!

The Moscow Mule | Phoebe Altman

Green Garden

It’s worth buying a whole bottle of elderflower cordial for this cocktail as a little goes a long way so it should last you a while, plus you’ll automatically look more sophisticated adding it to any drink.

Serves 1


Small chunk of cucumber (about an ½ an inch)


2 shots gin (50ml)

1 shot elderflower cordial

Cloudy lemonade


At the bottom of your glass muddle the cucumber with something blunt such as the handle of a wooden spoon until it’s roughly crushed. Pour in the gin and elderflower and give it a stir. Plop in a few ice cubes then top up with cloudy lemonade, stir again and sip whilst you get to know your new housemates!

The Green Garden | Phoebe Altman