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By Sophie Hutchison, Third Year History of Art

The Croft Magazine // Ten fun-size and affordable stocking fillers to put on your wish list this festive season.

I am a firm believer that come December 25th, finding out what stocking fillers you received is far more exciting than unwrapping any big presents under the tree. I usually ask for specific things because contrary to my mother’s belief, I don’t really want hand cream from M&S again (I still have unused tubes lying around my room from the past three Christmasses). Here are some slightly better - sorry Mum - ideas, for your own wish list or to give you some inspiration for what to get your family and friends.

Vinyl sticker

Sticker, £1.90 | Etsy 

Get a few different stickers (there’s lots on Etsy and Rebubble) and make your own little sticker pack to give to a friend – because friends don’t let friends have naked laptops.

Classic Gingham Mask

Mask, £5 | Good for You 

This year’s most practical gift: ditch the single-use masks and get some pretty (and more environmentally friendly) ones instead – we’re bound to be wearing them for at least a while longer.

Magda Archer Magnet

Fridge Magnet, £8.50 | Trouva 

You might recognise Magda Archer’s work from her collaboration with Marc Jacobs, which has seen her designs emblazoned across the chests of numerous A-listers, including our lord and saviour Harry Styles. Whilst one of the jumpers from the collection will set you back £500, fortunately Archer also prints her designs on magnets - at least your fridge will look stylish.

Cocoba Hot Chocolate Bombes

Chocolate Bombes, £10 | John Lewis 

Balm Dotcom, £10 | Glossier

Lip Balm, £10 | Glossier 

Balm Dotcom is the holy grail of lip balms – use it on your lips, use it on your hands, use it on your elbows; use it everywhere. Well, maybe not everywhere. Get it in red tint if you’re feeling classy, or in tropical mango flavour if can’t wait for Christmas to be over and for it to be Summer again.

ASOS Design Hair Clip Claw in Blue

Hair Clip, £5 | ASOS

Where’s Bowie Book

Where's Bowie Book, £9.99 | Urban Outfitters 

Books that only get read once and then sit on the table looking pretty forevermore are the best kinds of books for gifting. Especially if they let everyone know you have great taste in music.

Leopard Print Ceramic Mug

Mug, £10 | Urban Outfitters 

Tote Bag

Tote Bag, £6.99 | Etsy 

You’re not really a Bristol student unless you have a tote bag. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

UO Dinosaur Pod Print Socks

Dinosaur Socks, £6 | Urban Outfitters

The older I get, the more grateful I am to receive socks in my stocking, even if they do mysteriously vanish into the ether a few months later. Maybe if they were as cute as these, I’d take better care of them.

Feature Image: Epigram / Freya Scott-Turner

What's on your wish list this Christmas?