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73 per cent of students feel University extension policy must change regarding mental health

Despite being made an available option to all students, being granted an extension on your deadlines can often be much more difficult than expected.
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High stakes in the hunt for housing: how has increased competition affected the search for student accommodation?

The last-minute scramble for student housing is approaching. Floods of students will face the annual rush to secure remaining houses on the rental market. In a city infamous for its housing shortages, how has the University of Bristol’s student influx affected the search for private student housing?
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A Briscrush Love Story…

In light of all things love on Valentine's Day, Epigram investigated the best success stories from Bristol University's most popular crush confessional page, Briscrush...
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Ev Says: Don't let Valentine's distract you from the non-romantic love in your life

Pressured by film and popular culture, many feel the need to attain romantic relationships, overlooking the already existing and prevalent love that surrounds us in our everyday life
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‘It’s scandalous’: student fees funnelled into fossil fuel sector through pension investments

It's no secret that Bristol University has an impressive history when it comes to its environmental record. But what if, hidden in the University accounts, there was a far bigger problem?
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What the everyday university experience is like for students with a neurodiverse condition – an interview with the Bristol University Neurodiversity Society (BUNS)

Epigram recently interviewed Charlotte O’Brien and Freya Selman, Founders and Co-Presidents of the Bristol University Neurodiversity Society (BUNS), to find out what the everyday university experience of students with a neurodiverse condition looks like.
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