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A Fairtrade future for Bristol?

Bristol’s Just Love Society have pushed the University to achieve Fairtrade accreditation from the Fairtrade Foundation, and it seems as though their work has paid off.
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Victims or villains? Students have been returning to University halls despite lockdown

Despite clear instructions from the government almost 2,500 freshers at the University of Bristol have returned to university halls during lockdown. Alexander Sampson talks to them about their reasoning and their take on the recent 'roadmap' out of lockdown.
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Wadd a runner! The 400km foodbank fundraiser

Ewan Wadd has been running. A lot. Following the Government’s decision not to offer free school meals over the Christmas holidays, a decision that was soon reversed, the 2nd year Mechanical and Electrical Engineering student decided to take action himself.
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January exam mitigations - mess or mastery?

The University claims it has found a balance between maintaining the integrity of Bristol degrees while allowing for the unprecedented challenges facing students during the coronavirus crisis. The SU is still calling for more in the form of a non-detriment policy.
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October Bookshelf: Folklore and thrills to read this month

With Halloween around the corner, this October Bookshelf delves into the heart of folklore, superstition, suspense and thrills through a mixture of fragmented novels, shocking fairy tales and haunting poems.
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