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‘Never Have I Ever’: Bristol’s Anti-Sexual Harassment Campaign Addressing Accountability

In April, University of Bristol students launched a new anti-sexual harassment campaign titled ‘Never Have I Ever’, aiming to open the debate on the accountability of problematic behaviour.
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The 'Panic Masters': is postgraduate study the solution to your career crisis?

So, you’ve submitted your dissertation. What now? That’s right, it’s time to start your last-minute application for the infamous panic master’s.
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Why the University should offer a rent guarantor service

For the majority of UK students, a guarantor (the person, or people, who pay your rent should you not be able to) is a parent or guardian. But given that most landlords require a UK-based landlord, international students are left in a difficult situation.
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Demystifying Bristol’s quirky societies – are these the ‘hidden gems’ of Bristol University?

Many of us are not aware of the existence of University’s more quirky societies, with such a variety to choose from, and some may not initially spark your interest. You never know, you might even find a new passion or interest to pursue!
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The Privatisation of Public Universities

What does it mean for a public institution to go private? And how does this impact the experience of university students today? Hope Talbot explores the privatisation of public universities and ramifications this has on students in 2022.
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Climbing Everest: Interview with Jake Meyer

In 2005, while studying Environmental Geography at the University of Bristol, Jake Meyer successfully climbed Mount Everest. In doing so, he became the youngest Briton to achieve this feat and the youngest man in the world to complete the Seven Summits.
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