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By Sophie Hutchison, Third Year History of Art

The Croft Magazine // The sex education we wish we'd had in school.

My school may well hold the record for producing the most teen mums and dads in the country - unsurprisingly really, given the quality of our sex education. Sure, I learnt a few things from the corny noughties educational videos they showed us in PSHE lessons, but you know what they say - the best way to learn about something is by doing it. Literally.

Myth 1: Losing your virginity will be just like in the movies

When I was fourteen, I saw the film Endless Love (2014) - on Valentine’s Day, no less - and decided I would lose my virginity like the protagonists in the film, on the floor in front of a fireplace, head tipped back in ecstasy. Fast forward to four years later, I was lying on my ex boyfriend’s bed, looking up at his garish turquoise walls, begging him to just hurry up and finish so I could consider myself deflowered. My point: you probably won’t have an earth-shattering orgasm your first time.

'Whoever your partner is, it's important to tell them what's working and what isn't.' | Epigram / Sophie Hutchison 

Myth 2: It’s weird to ask for what you want

Many 20-year-old guys would like to believe that shagging you in the style of Will from The Inbetweeners (2008) will bring you to climax within four and a half minutes, but alas, it usually takes a little more than that. Whoever your partner is, it’s important to tell them what’s working and what isn’t. Anyone worth your time will be excited at the prospect of actually getting you off.

Myth 3: Everybody’s doing it

I can’t count on one hand the amount of my friends who came to uni having never had sex, and many still haven’t. It’s nobody’s business, it’s completely normal and you’re definitely not the only person who’s not having sex.

'Sex education lessons at school seemed to always focus on sex being a special, sacred act... but in reality it's just, well, sex.' | Epigram / Sophie Hutchison

Myth 4: You’re a slut

Sex education lessons at school seemed to always focus on sex being a special, sacred act reserved for those with the benefit of holy matrimony, but in reality it’s just, well, sex. And no, having a lot of sex does not make you loose. It just gives you plenty of funny stories that you can tell at parties.

Myth 5: STIs aren’t really a thing

Sexually transmitted infections aren’t nearly as rare as you think - unless you and your partner are sexually exclusive and you’ve seen their ‘all clear’ text from the NHS, yeah, you do need to use protection. Whilst having an STI is nothing to be ashamed of and usually can be easily rectified with a trip to the doctor for some antibiotics, it’s still a hassle that you can easily spare yourself from.

Featured Image: Epigram / Freya Scott-Turner

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