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Sex and the City Get the Look!

Molly Grogan shows you how to recreate some of the iconic 2000's looks inspired by Sex in the City!

By Molly Grogan, Second Year, English Literature

The Croft Magazine // Molly Grogan shows you how to recreate some of the iconic 2000's looks inspired by Sex and the City!

First gracing our screens in 1998 (when, let’s face it, none of us were even old enough to hold up our own heads), the timeless legacy of Sex and the City is not only thanks to its forward thinking portrayals of female sexuality and friendship, as well as its extremely well written commedia, but of course, to its impact on fashion. The way we dress today, the trends that come back around and around, can find some basis in an outfit donned by one of the beloved girls. Clickety clacking back onto our screens, Blahniks ablazing, and all bar Queen Samantha, audiences of And Just Like That (now considering  themes of trans identity, queerness, and being ‘PC’) are reminded of the eclectic, sometimes eccentric, but outrageously chic ensembles which made the show so famous. Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, oh, how we’ve missed you.

Charlotte York

Resident ‘good girl’ of the gang, Charlotte embraces her femininity through tradition. She’s an old money baby, a princess of the upper east side (her contemporary, Miss Waldorf, is not fashionably far removed), evoking the icons of classic 50s fashion, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Think preppy chic, with minimalist silver or gold toned jewellery and modest but figure-loving, waist-cinching cuts. Cable knit jumpers are a failsafe, layered over a white shirt (or a striped one, if you’re feeling particularly daring), paired with a black mini or midi skirt. Alternatively, cropped straight trousers. Heels aren’t quite as university appropriate as they may be on Fifth Avenue (never mind Bristol’s hills), so swap them out for some ballet flats with a pop of colour, or a monochromatic pair of canvas trainers in the colder months. And don’t forget your trusty black headband.

Monki Cares White Balloon sleeve knit sweater, £35| Monki
Stradivarius slim tailored trousers in black, £25.99| Stradivarius
CosmicChainsUK, Real Pearl Necklace-Minimal Pearl Choker, £19.99|

Carrie Bradshaw

Sex and the City’s ‘star’, Carrie certainly steals the show with her eclectic, thrifty ensembles, mixing bolder, statement pieces from higher end brands with paired down basics, making the more avant-garde choices suitable for everyday wear. The perfect place to find these unique, stand-out items is, of course, the trusty charity shop. A graphic, outlandishly coloured skirt paired with a black or white bandeau crop top or bodysuit certainly wouldn’t go amiss.

Our girl Carrie also loves a bit of tulle, which would go wonderfully with a cropped or tight fitting jumper or long sleeve top, for more winter weather-appropriate attire. It would of course be foolish to neglect the accessories. Things like fun vintage hats and caps, as well as brightly block colour or sequin embellished bags (like the absurdly expensive Fendi baguettes which the show immortalised). Offsetting the adventurous, Carrie’s rarely seen without her subtle, meaningful necklaces, and personalised ones are easily sourced on Etsy. Or find a vintage silver charm which has a connection to something or somewhere you love (Bristol anyone?), adding that to a chain you already own. And just like that, you have a very Bradshaw look.

Linen Blend White Crop Top, £7.99 (sale)| Zara
@mmebaroque Y2K strapless black midi dress, £36|
Reycycled Mini Rounded Bag, £37.95 |NA-KD

Samantha Jones

The Queen. Sexually liberated, savage, dare we say it, fierce. She is indeed a “girl boss”, taking up space, both in the office and the bedroom (wink wink) and her bold power dressing conveys just that. Flaunt what you’ve got, Miss Jones style, with skin tight midi or mini dresses, which, if you’re not a fan of turning heads, you can dress down with a cropped jumper or jacket. Alternatively, plunging bodysuits and a pair of skinny jeans, paired with a colourful blazer will make you feel like you’re about to seal a generous business deal. Structured, shoulder padded blouses with matching trousers, or a co-ord as we now call them, looks instantly put together (even with all those deadlines). A more subtle nod to her look can be achieved through prints. Leopard, cheetah, zebra, to name a few, which shops like Bershka, Pull and Bear and Zara do very well. Lastly, larger, statement earrings in gold or with a few diamante stones can pull together an outfit, even faster than Samantha can pick up a date.

Hot pink fitted a-line mini skirt, £30| Monki
MaioreAccessories Gold/Silver Statement Earrings Exaggerated Drop, £14|
Urban Outfitters Leopard Print Mesh Midi Slip Dress, £45| Urban Outfitters

Miranda Hobbs

Cynical, sarcastic, lawyer Miranda’s style is classic, embracing more masculine silhouettes and donning enough shoulder pads to put even the 80s to shame. When SATC first aired, she may not have been considered the most fashionable of the group, however her style is the most contemporary (trend wise) and wearable for those on-campus days when you really can’t be asked to think about which shoes go with a bright pink blazer. Basically, she’s a realist. Oversized graphic t-shirts and hoodies can be paired with black or blue jeans, or the iconic Miranda dungarees, and layered under a long black coat with a baseball cap or beanie. Basically what you wear now. And on dressier occasions, a flattering monochromatic knitted or plaid shirt dress accented with pops of colour and paired with a heeled ankle boot, remain laid back but, with the added height, can give that little boost of confidence.

Oversized grey zip-through hoodie, £24.99| H&M
Easton Dungarees, Organic Denim -Midwash, £65| Lucy & Yak
Lou Jersey Dress in black, £35| Weekday

Featured Image: Instagram @feather_and_stitch

You probably don't realise how easy it is to recreate these Sex in the City looks today with 90's and y2k trends now popular again, which inspires these timeless looks!