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By Mia O'Hara, Second Year Sociology

The Croft Magazine // A stylish homeware roundup to spruce up any uni halls bedroom.

We are coming towards the time of the year that everyone is preparing to move to university/move back to university, and it may be dawning on you that you haven’t prepared anything aesthetic for your room yet. If this is you, I’ve gathered five aesthetically pleasing and useful items!

What’s the best way to show your love of nature? Cover your whole room in plants! What’s the best way to show your love of nature without the risk of killing a ton of plants? Plastic plants! Whether you have a green thumb or are just hoping to bring more colour to your room, nothing beats having some plants - whether real or not. This succulent piece has a marble stone pot and is such a cute little accessory.

Plant, £14 | Next

Blu Tack all over the wall might not be an option if you’re hoping to get that deposit back. However, a completely blank wall can deprive a room of any personal flair. Tapestries are a great way to get around this, requiring just two stick-on adhesive hooks! With hundreds online, all varying in price, I found Shein offers the most for a good price. Most tapestries are £10 and the one I’ve bought is lovely quality, especially for such a steal of a price.

Tapestry, £8.49 | Shein
Tapestry, £8.49 | Shein 

Is it really a student room without a throw or two? Ikea is the student hub for university decor and for £15 you can have endless comfort. You’ll be grateful for that extra layer when you can’t afford heating because you blew your student loan during Freshers'.

Throw, £15 | IKEA
Throw, £15 | Ikea 

Fairy lights are a must have for a student room, but if you also want to stick up a ton of pictures of your family, friends and, more specifically, pets this is a great two-in-one option with a soft glow and clips to attach your pictures.

Fairy Lights,
Fairy Lights, £14.99 | Wayfair 

Every student room has a desk, you’ll probably spend many sleepless nights there trying to catch up with your work, and unless you want your desk to turn into a mess on day one you might consider getting a desk organiser to at least feel organised.

Desk Organiser, £5 | Ikea 

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