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By Olivia Andrews, Style Sub-editor

The Croft Magazine // Retail therapy? One student shares her spending decisions during the week of a lockdown announcement.


Shocked and confused, I opened my emails to a receipt from Apple informing me that I had been charged precisely £55.64, to renew my subscription for an app I don’t even remember buying. Money not well spent.

I tried to look past it and met with my fellow uni society team members, at none other than Boston Tea Party; not everyone’s first port of call for socialising, but great for a productive committee meeting in a friendly environment. Nursing  a mild hangover, I feasted on the Veggie Breakfast. £8.65

After getting kicked out of BTP, for what I can only assume was outstaying our welcome, we later moved to Fed1B, on Cotham Hill. I opted for something savoury and tried the arancini balls – for only £3.80

Cotham Hill | Epigram / Freya Scott-Turner 

This was clearly a big food day. Enticed by Uber Eats offering me a 50% off voucher, I was sold! I ordered one of my favourites, a thai green curry, with just a few sides. I shared the sides mostly with a flatmate, sort of… £8.30


I went to BTP again, but this time, to switch it up, I had a goat’s cheese and red pepper toastie - I’d recommend! After the feast the day before, I couldn’t justify spending too much more, and with my flat’s thrifty routine of sharing flat meals, my wallet called it a day. £6.25


'For those of you who don't collect plants, £3.50 is an absolute steal.' | Epigram / Olivia Andrews 

Everyone has bad days and for me, today was absolutely one of those days. Dinner time was looming and my inner spoilt child was getting ‘hangry’. Thus, I found myself wandering round the corner to Sainsburys. My eye caught a new plant display in the veg shop en route and my curiosity got the better of me. Hidden at the back of the shelf was my new collectable item. For those of you who don’t collect plants, £3.50 is an absolute steal.

Proud of my finding, I smugly swanned to Sainsburys where the gleaming  yellow sticker of pure joy shone from a box of chocolate-coated flapjacks. £0.79 – practically nothing. I bought two varieties of hummus which, yes, were absolute necessities.


'a very tasty lunchtime stop at Eat a Pitta' | Instagram / @lunchwithlize

Honestly, I really should have grabbed life by the horns on Tuesday. I didn’t really buy anything exciting that day, except, of course a very tasty lunchtime stop at Eat a Pitta. Three falafels and two sides, it’s almost routine at this point. £3.95


Feeling sorry for myself over the prospect of isolation and my likelihood of succumbing to corona, it having entered the flat, I treated myself. Luckily for me, there’s nothing a little retail therapy can’t solve. I looked at my phone and saw Look Fantastic were offering 20% off, how did they know? – I love skincare! £79.19 down the drain, see you later student loan…

'there's nothing a little retail therapy can't solve' | Epigram / Olivia Andrews 

Rest of the Week:

Honestly, I found it hard to resist online shopping, with not much else to do. However, all I really bought from here on out was groceries, nothing especially riveting. Also, I disputed aforementioned subscription and received a refund, thank God. (roughly £15)

Total: £129.43

Featured Image: Epigram / Lucy O'Neill

What do you spend in a week?