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MOB Kitchen comes to UOB

Mob Kitchen is coming to UOB tomorrow! Cecilia Quant talks us through everything you need to know in preparation of the big day.

By Cecelia Quant, Second Year, English

The MOB are arriving, and no, I’m not talking about the hundreds of hungry students who have already managed to nab a ticket to MOB Kitchen’s first stop on their university tour. This Friday (22/10), the MOB Truck will be dishing up meals to Bristol students at the Richmond Building in partnership with Merchant Gourmet.

For those of you who haven’t heard about the insanely popular online food platform, MOB Kitchen are known for their delicious, easy and approachable recipes. The original premise, to feed four people for under £10, is still very much at the heart of their ethos and for that reason they are the perfect foodie destination for students who love to cook, and most importantly, eat.

Their new book, Comfort Mob: Food That Makes You Feel Good, was released last month and is packed full of incredibly warming and hearty dishes to cook this Autumn. It’s not just full of recipes which are potato heavy and oozing with melted cheese (although there are plenty of these as well), the best thing about this book is how varied the concept of ‘comfort food’ is. Split into seven sections: Old School Bangers; Fresh; Nourishing; Indulgent; Impressive; Around the World and Puddings, there is sure to be a recipe that hits the spot and leaves you feeling happy and full.  Some of my favourites include the Chicken Lemon & Orzo Soup, Spiced Ratatouille with Halloumi Croutons and the Miso Sticky Toffee Pudding . Whether you’re looking for some staple weeknight dinner inspiration (try the Sriracha Crispy Tofu), or want to push the boat out and impress your flatmates with your own Come Dine With Me extravaganza (Slow Cooked Spiced Lamb Shoulder), Comfort Mob has something for you.

Comfort Mob Cookbook | Epigram / Cecilia Quant

And, if you were lucky enough to grab a ticket for this Friday, you’re in for a real treat since MOB have teamed up with Merchant Gourmet and are offering up a Cajun Lentil Burrito or a hearty dish of Harissa Puy Lentils with Charred Peppers and an Olive Salsa for a post-lecture lunch. Beats the Source Café any day.

So, instead of endlessly scrolling their Instagram (@MOBKitchen) and torturing yourself with how insanely delicious the food looks, get yourself down to the Richmond Building this Friday for a taste of the real thing. Or, even better, forgo the pesto pasta for just one night (it’s ok, you can do it), crack open Comfort Mob and have a go at a recipe for yourself.

Happy eating everyone!

Featured Image: Epigram / Cecilia Quant