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Freshers' week: The Fusion of Fashion

By The Croft

The Croft reflects on what Freshers bring to Bristol, and what the city gives back

Whether you’re a first year about to make the big change to university, or you’re an experienced fresher, this Freshers' Week is bound to see a fusion of different styles. It can be hard to think of what outfits to bring to Freshers, especially if you do not know the vibe of the week you will be attending.

I had my Freshers last year, which inevitably was going to be different. I spent the majority of the week in kitchen parties in my accommodation, Manor Hall, which I had previously never visited, so I was very unsure of how it would be. I remember allowing myself to show my personal style, some leopard print flares, pastel camis, and some simple eyeshadow.

Leopard Print Flares £15/ Princess Polly 

Many of the people I met in Freshers' Week had completely different styles. I saw many Doc Martens, long blazers and maxi skirts. I also think I saw far too many Hawaiian shirts as well, but nevertheless it was amazing to see such a wide range of styles. Bristol itself is a very fashionable city. I remember my first walk in Clifton, I saw many different looks of which I wanted to steal. Many people rocked flared jeans and bandanas giving an effortless 90’s look, others wore berets and flowery dresses, giving a style that resembled the 40’s. I was in awe of people’s ability to put together such outfits.

Dr Martens £179/ Urban Outfitters 

There were very late nights (or even early mornings) spent in our kitchen in which the guys in my flat would paint their nails, most often black and white, sometimes slogans written across them (a letter on each finger). I saw many piercing ideas which I liked, and some of my flatmates even went out and got new piercings later in the week. There was a sense of safety in Freshers' Week, the freedom of style expression without judgement.

What it really boils down to, is to be yourself. Freshers' Week is a blur and should be spent enjoying yourself and making new friends. You never know, what you wear could be inspiring others to add new pieces to their wardrobes and try styles they never have before. Bristol also has a fabulous number of charity shops to look round, so if mid Freshers' Week, you feel compelled to try new looks, Bristol is definitely the right city.

My style has hugely changed since starting university, but I love looking back at photos from Freshers and seeing the progression of my fashion and the imprint the city has left on my wardrobe. Me and my school friends, who all went to different universities, love comparing our styles with each other, each is unique and inspired by the cities we studied in. Good luck and don’t be afraid to show your true colours!

Featured Image: Clifton, Jennifer Gallagher