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Freshers, meet FUZE UK

The UK's largest annual music, fashion and dance show is back and bigger than ever. Here's why many Bristol students are keen to get involved.

By Anna Johnson, Style Deputy Editor

The UK's largest annual music, fashion and dance show is back and bigger than ever. Here's why many Bristol students are keen to get involved.

If you haven’t yet heard about FUZE... let me put you onto something.

FUZE is an inclusive, diverse group designed to help young people grow their careers and professional/ creative skills. They put on a fantastic annual show which combines music, fashion, dance and modelling and leaves its audience members blown away.

They have partnered with major international corporations, such as Select model management and MAC Cosmetics, and have been sponsored by TeachFirst, RedBull, Coca-Cola, and many more. This gave their cast, crew and audience the incredible chance to be scouted by Select at their previous show.

Three FUZE cast members during the Utopia show / Alice Sutton 

Earlier this year, they put on a sold-out show ‘Utopia’, held in Bristol’s most popular outdoor event space - and likely to become your new favourite club - Lakota. Showcasing its vision of a perfect utopia, it delivered a ‘theatrical fashion musical’, depicting their idea of a perfect future based on their core values of diversity, inclusivity, creativity and sustainability.

Now they’re back and bigger than ever, having announced their brand expansion from FUZE Bristol to FUZE UK. FUZE’s Managing Director, Pippa Adamthwaite-Cook, tells the Croft that ‘we believe in the power and message of FUZE and want to share this across the country.’ A big step for a Bristol-based organisation originally founded in 2003 by students, take this as an example for the kind of opportunities that lie ahead of you as a Bristol fresher this year.

FUZE is an inclusive space for everyone / Kayleigh Gresty

What makes FUZE so popular with students is their dedication to making a difference in young people’s lives. A non-profit organisation, their proceeds have gone to charities such as Black South West Network and Art Refuge. As students of this generation, we often face issues - in the media and in real life - concerning topics such as mental health, racial discrimination, homophobia and transphobia. FUZE encourages young people to reconnect with these causes. Whether you attend a show or become a cast/crew member, you are directly supporting these causes and making a difference.

FUZE released an inspiring ‘Meet the Dancers’ video on Youtube, which gave insight into how the organisation has helped the cast to connect with their identities and express themselves. One dancer, Hugo, tells viewers that ‘it was actually FUZE that got me dancing again,’ after struggling with labels and judgement from others surrounding his sexuality. ‘I felt like it was a place where I could be expressive in that way and not have any fear of judgement.’

FUZE has almost doubled in size, expanding the team from forty-five to seventy-five members and recently announced their excitement to be continuing partnership with Select. Auditions for the 2022 show will be held soon, so keep eyes and ears out if you fancy giving it a go.

The reaction of many students after hearing about FUZE is ‘how can I get involved?’

‘If you are passionate about working in the creative industry and are struggling to get your foot in the door, looking to network or connect with likeminded people, or just looking for a place in your city to fit in, we have something for you at FUZE.’ - Pippa
Pippa at last year's show / Kayleigh Gresty

Bristol is a hub of creative expression, so whatever your creative interest is, whether that’s fashion, music, art or dance, you’re in the right place.

Featured image: Kayleigh Gresty

Will you be attending a FUZE event this year?