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The Croftstyle2023

AW23 Fashion Trend Report

Izzy explores the bi-annual seasonal shift in fashion as we settle into Autumn, and how this influences student style.

By Izzy Lepine

THE CROFT // Izzy explores the bi-annual seasonal shift in fashion as we settle into Autumn, and how this influences student style.

As September rolls around, signalling the start of another academic year, students always step out with their best foot forward. New stationery promising good grades all around, gently enclosed in a new backpack, tote bag or handbag of choice.

The student, formerly seen with eye bags down to their knees during exam season, looks refreshed, styled, and dare we say put together, having sworn off tracksuits and the messy bun this year in favour of carefully selected outfits laid out the night before lectures. This is the year when they will finally have a briscrush written about them, following a very sophisticated study session in wills, iced latte, and MacBook in tow.

It's a daydream every student has, however thanks to crippling deadlines and oversubscribed libraries, the fantasy doesn’t last much past September. Perhaps this year things will be different after all.

As the autumn/winter 2023 fashion season dawns upon us, the line-up promised something for those invested in fashion and those whom Miranda Priestly would scold for their lumpy blue sweater. AW23 had effortless cool girl energy combined with high-class chic. Think TikTok’s clean girl trend and then spice her up and you’ll be on the right track. More muted, earthy tones made their comeback, which after the Barbie core summer of our dreams, come as a refreshing re-grounding.

The runways spoke of bringing corporate back: blending strong shoulders with the power found in pinstripe. Since we’re in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, it makes sense to dress for a promotion, right? No one, however, wants to turn up to their first lecture in a full suit and tie. Not to panic… take a leaf from many top brands who made corporate casual again with the infiltration of layers.

Miu Miu, Gucci, and Fendi were amongst the big names showcasing the longevity of the love affair between our wardrobes and the trench coat. Layer with a staple grey hoodie underneath to command the seminar room, with a somehow tasteful ‘I just rolled out of bed’ look. Meanwhile, Coperni, Ferragamo, and Botter gave us tailored trousers, that paired with a cosy sweater or plain tank give us the edge of grunge our student hearts can’t help but desire.

Another key wardrobe investment that dominated the runways: the classic black coat. It’s no secret that top designers clearly binged Wednesday Addams like the rest of us. Everyone from Victoria Beckham to Dolce & Gabbana made a killer black coat set to last generations to come. Paired with perhaps the best autumn/ winter trend of them all: scarf dressing.

Gone are the days of digging out a threadbare scarf and slinging it around your neck. In the wise words of Sharpay Evans and her love of all things ‘Fabulous’: bigger is in fact better. If the scarf isn’t commanding your outfit, something has gone wrong. Take heed from cult classics such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Marni, who saw that more scarves came down the runway than humans. We all know the university forgets to turn the heating on until March anyway, so this really is a well-being investment than anything else.

Timelessness has been the watchword in fashion for some time now. And AW23 proved it’s only here to stay. Invest your spare pennies in curating a capsule wardrobe, starting with a trench coat, classic white shirt, and oversized scarf.

Perhaps we’ve all been spamming the likes on Sofia Richie’s Instagram posts a little too much, as expensive chic is in. However, the good news about these trends is that they’re both vintage and forward-thinking (cue Bristol girlie spiral). Contrary to popular belief and in the spirit of fake it until you make it with our crumbling student bank accounts… If you don’t have it, flaunt it.

Featured Image: Georg Lovric

Copy Editor: Honey Ryder

What trends have you spotted this semester? Let us know!