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Was once told that writing is the only thing I'm good at. Still working out whether or not that's a compliment.

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Sense: Taste

The Croft Magazine // Robin takes a trip down travel-memory-lane ... through several cups of coffee!
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Darth Vader figurine appears on former Edward Colston plinth

A Darth Vader figure has appeared on top of the plinth which once supported a statue of the 17th Century slave trader, Edward Colston.
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Inside mass testing centres at the University of Bristol

Since booking opened on Wednesday, 4,900 appointments have been booked by students to receive COVID-19 testing before they go home for Christmas.
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All students in Hiatt Baker N Block instructed to quarantine

The University's announcement, made over the weekend, means that Hiatt Baker N Block has become the second accomodation to be placed in a complete 14-day quarantine.
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Bristol students limited to four hours a week in libraries and study centres

A four hour cap has been placed on the total time Bristol University students are allowed to spend in campus libraries each week to prevent the spread of COVID19.
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Bristol SU criticises ‘faceless’ and ‘unjust’ A-Level marking system

The criticism follows widespread frustration at the algorithm used to calculate this year’s A-Level results, which downgraded almost 40% of teacher’s predictions.
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Protest held on College Green against prosecution of those involved in fall of Colston statute

Small crowds gathered this evening on College Green to protest against potential prosecutions for those involved in the toppling of Edward Colston statue after the arrest of a 24-year-old man on 1 July.
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