Ellie Brown


‘Persistent racism’ still affects job prospects of ethnic minorities in the UK, University of Bristol-led study finds

A newly-published study led by a sociologist at Bristol University shows people from ethnic minority groups still suffer worse job prospects due to racism, despite some progress being made since the 1970s.
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‘Every generation has to adapt’: the world of work for soon-to-be graduates

With a deep recession looming, the ‘likes of which we’ve never seen before’ warned the Chancellor Rishi Sunak last week, graduate prospects look somewhat bleak for the class of 2020. However, as this pandemic has shown time and again, there are reasons to remain optimistic.
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'I knew I had a story here, and it wasn't about fashion': Hadley Freeman on family memoirs, interviewing celebrities, and the time she was rejected from Bristol

Content warning: mental health 'What's wonderful is when you meet a hero,' says Hadley. 'Someone like Jon Stewart or Michael J Fox...that's always really very heartwarming.'
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'We're all really eager to help out': final year medical students likely to be working as doctors before the end of the month

Over 220 final year medical students at the University will graduate via a virtual ceremony tomorrow, allowing them to apply for and start jobs as junior doctors months earlier than planned.
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Bristruths raise over £600 for NHS charities in April Fool's Day post

The page's fundraiser got a positive reception from students, with one calling it 'the most wholesome thing I've seen all year'
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