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Was once told that writing is the only thing I'm good at. Still working out whether or not that's a compliment.

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Third ‘Kill the Bill’ protest since Sunday underway as hundreds gather on College Green

Protestors are gathering on College Green to protest the controversial Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill proposed to the government by the Ministry of Justice, in the third display of Bristolian activism this week.
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Riot police move in to break up second ‘Kill The Bill’ protest on College Green

The police say a ‘significant number’ of protestors still remain on Deanery Road and are continuing to refuse to leave the area.
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As it happened: Bristol’s ‘Kill The Bill’ demonstration in photos

Yesterday, 21 March, what started off as a peaceful protest with a large turnout against the government's proposed Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill escalated and turned violent as the afternoon and evening went on.
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Bristol ‘Kill The Bill’ protest turns violent as protesters set fire to police vehicle

A peaceful demonstration that began on College Green this afternoon has turned violent in Bristol City centre as hooded protestors were seen smashing into glass windows at Bridewell police station and spray painting the station’s walls and police vehicles.
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Bristol iFemSoc to hold virtual vigil following disappearance of Sarah Everard

A virtual vigil is due to be held for Sarah Everard this coming Wednesday evening at 5:30 pm by The University of Bristol Intersectional Feminist Society in response to Sarah’s disappearance this week.
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Editorial: Russell Group student newspapers for no-detriment policy

On behalf of all 24 of our universities, we are calling on the Russell Group to act compassionately and to reconsider their stance on ‘no detriment’ policies for assessments this year.
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Free to disagree? Bristol students tell all on controversial free speech youth organisation

In October of last year, three members of the Bristol Free Speech Society – Harry Walker, Ben Sewell and Izzy Posen – were approached to form part of a Free Speech Youth Advisory Board.
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