Molly Pipe


Increase in assessment cheating sees 54 Bristol University students penalised

Online exams have seen ‘increased reports of cases of collusion and plagiarism’ despite special software being used to monitor test takers.
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All nine Bristol University libraries among facilities re-opened as lockdown eases

Students will be able to book a prayer room or record in a radio suite following the latest easing of restrictions.
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Society sanctioned by SU after preventing transgender women from attending women-only events

Women Talk Back! have said the presence of males at sensitive events could stop women from talking openly about their experiences.
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Opinion | The debate surrounding David Miller is a symptom of a wider issue: the social sciences are plagued with dogmatism

Over the last few weeks, Bristol has been debating the case of David Miller, a Sociology professor who has fallen out of favour for presenting Zionism as a racist ideology.
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Meet the candidates running to be your next Equality, Liberation and Access Officer

The Equality, Liberation and Access Officer is responsible for ensuring an equal, supportive and inclusive university environment for all students, regardless of their background or identity.
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Meet the candidates running to be your next Undergraduate Education Officer

The Undergraduate Education Officer is responsible for overseeing and improving the experience of undergraduates at the university.
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