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No disciplinary action taken against Bristol Uni staff despite undisclosed sex with students

A recent Epigram investigation has found that no members of staff have been sanctioned in relation to intimate relationships with students, despite reported breaches of the university's safeguarding policy.
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Student-staff relationships: is Bristol University doing enough to protect students?

Within weeks of moving into student halls, Alice*, matched on a dating app with a tutor teaching on her new University course. ‘I was in my first year,’ she says. ‘I’d just moved out of my parents’ house and I felt this massive surge in independence'.
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‘It’s scandalous’: student fees funnelled into fossil fuel sector through pension investments

It's no secret that Bristol University has an impressive history when it comes to its environmental record. But what if, hidden in the University accounts, there was a far bigger problem?
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‘Where are you? What do you stand for?’: Jen Reid, the BLM activist whose statue was erected on Colston plinth, on tackling racism

Following yesterday's not guilty verdicts at the 'Colston 4' trial, the Black Lives Matter activist who had her own statue placed on the empty Colston plinth following the toppling, has questioned if Bristol University is doing enough.
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Bristol SU first in the country to boycott oil, gas, and mining recruitment

Bristol SU has passed a motion explicitly boycotting all oil, gas, and mining industry recruitment, making it the first Students’ Union in the UK to do so.
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Recent rise in LGBTQ+ homelessness in Bristol explained

With 24% of young homeless people identifying as LGBTQ+, are there enough inclusive support services to help them? Epigram speaks to akt, an LGBTQ+ homelessness charity in Bristol, to find out what makes LGBTQ+ youth particularly vulnerable to this societal problem.
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