Mark Ross


Why the University should offer a rent guarantor service

For the majority of UK students, a guarantor (the person, or people, who pay your rent should you not be able to) is a parent or guardian. But given that most landlords require a UK-based landlord, international students are left in a difficult situation.
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Paris, 13th District is far more than just a sex-driven French flick

Jacques Audiard squeezes three characters– and their libidos- into a Parisian residential suburb, stepping back, and documenting the consequences
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Opinion | The student loan shake up is the wrong way to reduce university numbers

The student loan system is changing. In order to slash the government’s extortionate tuition fee bill and reduce graduate numbers, some students will now pay back a larger percentage of their loan.
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Opinion | Should students cross the picket line?

As part of the ongoing UCU strikes, university staff are forming picket lines across campus. For students, this poses the question: should we stay at home and respect the movement, or should we cross the picket lines to access much-needed resources?
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Opinion | Language students are becoming few and far between. Teaching non-European languages is the solution

Language students are an increasingly rare breed on university campuses in the UK, according to a recent UCLA report. But don’t despair – if language departments adapt to the demands of our up and coming linguists, the UK can retain its multilingual status.
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The Fish Wars: A view from the other side of La Manche

The Croft Magazine // A Year Abroad student in Boulogne-sur-Mer gives his take on the post-Brexit fishing disputes, looking out at the battlefield.
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Opinion | Students should receive a tuition refund following industrial action - but they won't

This month, university staff across the country took industrial action to protest against pension cuts and work casualisation, amongst other issues. As yet another chunk of students’ uni experience was upended, should we be demanding financial compensation from the University this Christmas?
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